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2 x SLIM Energizer Batteries 6LR61 9 volt

NOTE: Price INCLUDES delivery
New supplier now sourced. Batteries now shipped in SEALED retail packaging.
NOTE: we’ve been selling these for a while now. The photo shows batteries with an expiry of 2021 but our current stock is 2025. We only sell fresh, new batteries!!

NOT just your average ordinary 9v battery !
For some reason Taylor (and several other manufacturers) have made their battery compartment too thin for just about EVERY 9 volt battery we’ve ever come across EXCEPT this one.
I spoke with Duracell in the UK and they told me that the battery that Taylor Guitars fit at the factory is NOT available in the UK or Europe (officially) and they are unable to sell ANY UK SHOP those exact batteries. Some sellers call them Duracell OEM but Duracell have changed the specification here in Europe for that battery and it’s no virtually impossible to buy LEGITIMATE Duracell batteries of this specific size that Taylor (and many others) use. HOWEVER, Duracell spoke to me at length about the many many FAKE and copy Duracell batteries that have flooded the market. This might be part of the problem.

So, after trying many different types of battery THIS is the one that seems to fit.
It is the only one we’ve found that fits comfortably without forcing, cramming or stretching (and breaking) the battery holder.

Check out the measurements:

16.7mm thick x 25.6mm wide x 44mm tall (to top of body)

MOST other batteries Duracel Plus, Panasonic, HW, Maxel etc etc seem to be around 17.2mm thick and over 26mm wide. Even the standard new Duracal Duralock batteries don’t fit. Funny how that few fractions of a millimetre makes a whole world of difference.

We’ve seen sooo many cases of people FORCING batteries into the battery holder, even putting them in the wrong way around and damaging the delicate Taylor ES circuitry. No need – just use these batteries.
DON’T force your battery into the battery holder again and run the risk of damage.

These batteries now come SEALED in retail packaging as a TWIN PACK

Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
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