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For Sale:
100% Genuine Made in USA !!!
1 x D’addario XTE1149-3P triple pack of electric guitar strings, gauge 11-49

Here we have a single packet contaning THREE individual sets of strings (total of 18 strings) – 3 complete sets.
These are pretty heavy guage so ideal if you are looking to downtune your guitar or just want a heavier fatter tone and feel.
Also popular with guitarists that seem to break the 9 or 10 gauge strings they currently use.
Gauge of strings:
e – 11 (top E, thinest string)
B – 14
G – 18
D – 28
A – 38
E – 49

Here’s a brief explanation about string gauges:
8-38 gauge are extra light and just about as light string as you can find. Great for those wanting a low action and VERY LIGHT picking technique. Minimal amount of pain, minimum amount of bottom end tone.
9-42 gauge are light gauge strings and fitted as standard to most Fender, Squier strats and lots of Teles too, Ibanez etc. Great for tremolo guitars. If you guitar has these fitted at factory then most 9-42 gauge strings can be fitted with minimal adjustment required.
9-46 gauge are a ‘hybrid’ option. Used to be fitted to some Gibson guitars but generally not widely fitted by manufacturers. Featuring the bottom three strings from a set of regular 10-46 gauge set but with the top three strings from a set of 9’s. Good for chunky rhythm and bendy leads. Despite being seemingly ‘ideal’ and giving guitarists the best of both worlds, they are nowhere near as popular as standard gauges.
10-46 regular gauge strings. Fitted to PRS, Gibson, Fender Custom Shop etc These seem to be the standard guitar strings played by the more experienced guitarist. A good balance of tone and feel.
‘Extra Light’ string – kind on the fingers but give a lighter, softer, some might ‘tinnier’ more shrill tone.
11-49 gauge Suitable for those looking for a fuller more richer sound. Harder to play in standard tuning so often used by those looking to down tune to Eb or D standard.
12-54 heavy gauge strings. Stevie Ray fans only lol, pretty dard heavy and only generally used on Jazz guitars or heavily downtuned to C etc.
NOTE: fitting 11-49 gauge strings to your guitar that has previously had 9 or 10 gauge on may require some adjustments to the set up of your guitar – eg truss rod, top nut, tremolo etc Seek advice from your local luthier / shop first.

More info from D’Addario:
XT Nickel coated electric guitar strings offer enhanced break resistance, better pitch stability, and longer-lasting performance than standard electric strings. The XT coating, applied to each string in the set, delivers advanced corrosion resistance, while still retaining the bright tone and natural feel of the uncoated string. Beneath the coating, XT Nickel are made with a NY Steel core, nickel-plated steel wrap wire, and Fusion Twist technology, resulting in added resilience and tonal versatility, excellent for a wide range of musical styles. 11-49 Medium gauge strings provide increased volume, with slightly more tension and resistance.

XT Nickel electric strings feature an advanced corrosion resistance coating, extending string life, while preserving the natural tone and feel of uncoated strings.
Nickel-plated steel wrap wire provides a bright, versatile electric guitar tone, great for a variety of musical genres.
Fusion Twist technology assures XT Nickel strings stay in tune better, while the NY Steel core wire offers greater break strength—bent two whole steps higher, XT strings are still at less than 75% of their breaking point.
XT Nickel strings come with a code, which you can register to earn Players Circle points.
XT electric guitar strings are made in the USA—drawn to our exacting specifications at our New York production facility

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