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What we have here is… ONE single 500K “Push Pull” TONE pot complete with one nut and one flat washer. Suitable for many types of guitars such as Jackson, Ibanez, ESP, Schecter or any guitar with a “coil tap”.

You will need some degree of skill to wire this in and there are many different ways you can wire this depending on your guitar and your needs – please consult a technician if in doubt. Sorry we are unable to answer any “How do I…” questions, but we do offer a fitting service if you bring your guitar in to us.

These pots are the 17mm compact body style pots. The hole required in the body of the guitar need to be about 9mm. Take note of this measurement as certain models of guitar may require some filing to make that hole bigger for the pot to fit through. The length from the top of the pot to the bottom of the switch is just over 25mm meaning you need to have a body cavity depth of at least 26mm to fit this in.

The TOP of this pot shaft has a slot and a knurled edge. Your volume knob will then simply push over rather than screw on.

500k pots are GENERALLY fitted to guitars that have HUMBUCKER pickups making this pot suitable for many many guitars. Guitars with a mixture of humbuckers and singles will also typically use a 500k but Strats and other single coil only guitars will most likely use 250K.


500K linear (tone) push-pull potentiometer, 10mm. bushing, M8x0,75 thread, made in Korea

Value: 500K
Typically 250K pots are used for single coil pickups and 500K pots for humbucker pickups. The bigger the resistence value, the brighter the sound will be/ less highs will bleed off. 1MEG can be used to make humbuckers sound brighter. This is a 500K pot.

The taper of a pot refers to the way its resistance changes as the shaft is rotated. A linear taper pot will work in a linear way related to shaft rotation. As the human ear is not linear in response to increasing volume an audio or logarithmic pot will work best for volume applications. This is TONE

Shaft: SPLIT
A split, knurled shaft will hold most knobs. Sometimes the knob is mounted using a set screw. You should order a solid shaft pot, or align the set screw with the split for correct mounting.

Bushing: M8 / 8mm
The standard bushing diameter is 3/8″ or 9,5mm, used in most made in USA guitars. Another industry standard is M8, as used by guitar builders outside of the USA. When space is limited mini pots are used with a shaft diameter of 7mm.
The standard bushing length is .375″ for inch type pots and 10mm for metric type pots. Using two nuts it is very easy to set the correct bushing length for knob placement. Specially for pickguard (ST, PB) or control plate mount (TE, JB) the .250″ short bushing will fit perfectly using only one nut.
For use with a thick or carved top (LP USA) you should order a bushing length of .750″.
This one is M8 or 8mm in diameter.

Shipping Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm
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