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Takamine FD360SC Made in Japan electro acoustic guitar with case

Made in Japan.
PHOTOS: for more photos please view this item in our ebay store here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333642371533

Here we have a wonderfull electro acoustic guitar featuring a SOLID spruce top and beautiful laminated Rosewood back and sides. Another great feature is the Takamine DSP pre-amp which has built in reverb and other effects and is programmable. Just a great ‘live’ instrument! Quality all the way.
Comes with a fantastic HISCOX deluxe hard case in excellent condition.

(Rant – optional read: This is an electro acoustic guitar. Some people call them ‘semi acoustic’. It’s NOT a semi acoustic guitar. A semi acoustic guitar will usually be a slim bodied ELECTRIC guitar with a solid lump of wood running through the middle and ‘F’ shaped holes in the hollowed out ‘wings’ of the guitar. THOSE are semi-hollowbodies or semi solid guitars and are widely known as semi acoustic guitars. Such examples are a Gibson 335, Gretsch G2420 etc think BB King, Chuck Berry, Brian Setzer, Noel Gallagher etc etc
This Takamine is an electro acoustic guitar – it’s an acoustic guitar with an pickup in it. OK, confusion cleared up lol)


This really is in excellent condition.
The front of the guitar has just a few minor plectrum scuffs on the scratchplate. There’s one or two pin prick sized dinks / nicks and a few other very minor scratches here and there but nothing really noticeable from a few feet away. The rear is also in excellent condition with no significant dents or scratches.
It is a used guitar so it does have some signs of wear and tear but it really good condition.
Age estimated at around 20 years old.
The serial number starts 9905…. if that helps?

The fingerboard is also excellent.
Some very minor signs of wear but this is minimal.
Not had a fret dress as far as I can tell.
No fret dents.

Electrics – the Takamine pre-amp and pickup are all in good working order.
With all guitar electrics one must expect the odd ‘scratchy’ noise once in a while as pots and sliders get older. However, at the moment everything is working well.

Playability – this guitar has had a full service and has been re-strung with a new set of 12-53 Elixir phos bronze.
It has a pretty low action and a great feel. The tone is everything you would expect from a Japanese Takamine.

More info:

Gloss finish, solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides, rosewood board, under saddle pickup with preamp, and features the all new Takamine digital, fully programmable DSP preamp (on board reverb, tuner w/alphanumeric display, feedback absorber, parametric E.Q., & personal programmable E.Q. patches).

Shipping Weight10 kg
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