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USED Fender American Standard Strat c1988 with case and tags

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Here we have an excellent example of a circa 1988 Fender USA Strat complete with original ABS Moulded hard case and tags.
In the case is what looks like all the original ‘case candy’. A brown envelope containing what looks like trem springs, a warranty card, a Fender USA swing tag, a spare set of strings, owners manual and hex key.

Truly amazing condition for a 42yr old guitar.
At first glance you could be forgiven that this was an Eric Clapton signature because of the colour but it’s not. It doesn’t have the active circuitry and signature etc. It’s ‘just’ an American Standard.

Body – the front of the guitar is excellent 9.5 / 10 with hardly any visible marks. Yes, if you look super close you will see minor scratches but these really are minimal and very very light. No dents, dinks or chips.
The rear of the body is also in truly excellent 9/10 condiion with only the most minuscule signs of use.

Neck – the fingerboard is in excellent 9/10 condition. The rosewood is doing really well and certainly has only minimal signs of ageing if any. The rear of the neck is dent free with no damage or any scratches that I could see.
The frets are in excellent condition, no dents or dimples and only the most minimal signs of any wear and tear at all.
The nut looks fairly clean, original and in good working order.

Hardware – the trem saddles are in excellent shape, only very minor signs of tarnish and the tiny intonation screws all look in fair condition with minimal signs of rust / tarnish. The machineheads are also in good condition, minimal tarnishing and in good working order.

Electrics – the pots and switches are believed to all original but I haven’t stripped it down because the guitar just looks so untouched that I have no cause to strip it. The pots and switches are all in good working order. On any used electric guitar you must expect a bit of pot noise at some point but these pots seem to be working fine with only the occassional scratchy noise. The switch works well with only the odd crackle now and then just as you would expect.

Hard Case – yeah, it has the original ABS Moulded Fender hard case, but it’s not quite as mint as the guitar. I would rate it at 6/10 because it’s all in one piece but it’s a bit dirty and scuffed. The hinges are a bit stiff and the catches are quite stiff too.

Playability – this guitar has been set up with a brand new set of 9-42 strings. It has had a full set up with attention to the action, intonation etc by my colleague here Jon who is a nationally reknowned and respected guitar tech. As a result it plays as you would expect with a nice and low action. The tone is also right on the money, no surprises just awesome American Strat all the way.

Summary (by Chris, MD, Guitar Mania Ltd)
It’s just so bizarre to think that this guitar is 42 years old. It is in really good condition with great playability. I would go far as to say this is almost Museum / collectors quality but I don’t want to attract head lamp wearing scrutiny so I’ll just say it’s very very good condition. This guitar is a very safe bet, one that I would have no problem gigging and if I was bored of my ’95 strat then I would definitely buy it for myself. Alas, I already have too many guitars! Hmmm.. is there such a thing? ;o)

Shipping Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 115 × 40 × 30 cm
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