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USED Fender 1978 American Vintage 70’s Telecaster Tele electric guitar blonde +Case

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Fender 1978 American Vintage 70’s Telecaster Tele electric guitar blond +case
Summary by Chris (MD, Guitar Mania):
“This looks the part, loads of vintage mojo and it does play pretty good for a 45yr old guitar. The colour is highly desireable and this whole guitar just oozes vintage style and class. It’s fairly heavy but well balanced and I prefer a heavy Tele to a heavy strat. Just seems to suit it better. With regards to the mods, you could easily fit a tele single coil pickup into a new / old tele scratchplate and replace the control plate to restore it to original. I think I’d be tempted and for the sake of a few quid this could then easily fetch a few hundred more. This is genuinely a great buy. Don’t think too long and hard or it will be gone !!”

Believed to be original except:
Humbucker fitted to neck position make unknown
Non original scratchplate
Push pull tone pot
Phase switch

Weight: 4.43kg / 9lb 12oz approx

Body: 9.5/10
As far as vintage guitars go this one is nearly a closet classic. There are a few extremely minor tiny dings, dents and scratches but to be honest you’ll have a job finding them. I think the finish helps disguise the marks and they are hard to photograph, I took one photo and pointed to the dent. There are a couple of others similar to that but this gives you an idea.
At first glance this guitar is honestly near mint condition. It’s the scratchplate and mods that make it look older. The routing under the scratchplate for the humbucker is actually a very tidy job too.

Neck: 9.5 / 10
Again pretty much spotless. No noticeable dents on the rear. The fingerboard is in remarkably good condition. Not much sign of wear for a 45yr old guitar. Doesn’t look refinished to me. The frets are also in amazing condition too. Only minimal signs of wear. Probably had a minor fret dress at some point but maybe not. Way less than average wear and tear with minimal flat spots.

Hardware: 9/10
The machineheads seem to be original and in good working order, some light signs of rust and list tarnishing.
The saddles are right for period block type and slightly worn and slightly rusty but still do the job.
Strap buttons are old and a bit rusty, most likely original.

Electrics: 7/10
At some point it’s had the neck single coil pick-up replaced for a humbucker. All it says on the rear is “Made in Japan”.
To compliment that there is a push-pull tone pot, which looks old, maybe late 70’s or early 80’s.
There is a also a phase switch.
The rest of the electrics look old enough to be original but not certain.
All this is tested and in good working order.
This guitar has been lovingly set up by Jon, one of the UK’s most highly regarded and experienced guitar techs.
That doesn’t mean this guitar is the best playing guitar ever, it just means that he has taken the time to set it up. Adjust the action, intonation etc so that it plays as well as can be expected. In this case it play remarkably well for an old guitar.
We all have differing styles and demands from our instruments. Some of us like fast n low actions for fretboard burning licks, others prefer a high n mightly action for show stopping windmills and downtuned heavy riffing and everything in between. No one set up suits all!
This specific guitar has been set up sympathetically for it’s era with a fairly low action, and minimal fret buzzing.

Hard case:
This guitar will be shipped in a used unbranded hard case worth around £30 purely for safe shipping purposes.

Shipping Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 45 × 20 cm
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