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Gibson Les Paul Custom
Here we have a great old guitar.
Previously owned by Darryl George of Bournemouth based rock band Freedom Fighter. Darryl suffered from Muscular Dystrophy and passed away about 8 or 9 years ago. Details of his band can be found by searching online, there you will see Darryl with this guitar in the early 80’s (sorry unable to supply `ebay get a bit funny about adding external links to other websites).

The guitar seems to be a genuine Gibson from the early 1970’s but it’s hard to date from the serial number. Various websites suggest 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974 or 1975. Looking at the spec it suggests a 1971-1972 model.
The guitar although seemingly genuine does have quite a few non original parts – see details below.

Headstock: It looks as though it might have had a really good neck repair. Certainly near invisible now and not able to photograph but when you feel the back of the neck it has a slightly different texture to it near the headstock. The front of the headstock appears to be more of a satin finish and and the Gibson logo is raised slightly noticeable only when you run your thumb over it.
Machineheads look original and are in working order but the gold is faded, worn and pitted in places.

The fingerboard is in ok condition, the ebony and inlays are wearing well.
The guitar has had a re-fret at some point obviously a long time ago as even these frets are showing signs of wear, but still have plenty of life left in them.
The back of the neck is dented in places and has a refinish feel to it although I can’t ben 100% sure. My guy feeling is that it has had a neck repair and a really good refinish.

The rear of the body is well worn. A large amount of buckle rash and scratches on the rear. The front isn’t too bad but is still covered in dents and scratches.

Weight: 11lb 4oz / 5kg HEAVY !!

The tailpiece may not be original. It looks like it is made of aluminium and sprayed gold. It’s very lightweight.
The bridge is not original. It’s a Chrome / Nickel LS Bridge made in Japan.
The posts holding the bridge are not original.
Screws – a hotpotch of original and non original screws all over.

The bridge pickup is actually a Dimarzio, probably a Super Distortion and measures 13k .
The neck pickup seems original and measures 7.4k
Both pickups have the original Gibson pickup covers.

Pickup selector tip has been replaced.
Switch looks original
Pots – all look original, with original black caps.
Rectangular jack plate has been replaced.
Replaced jack socket.

We have thoroughly stripped this guitar down in order to establish the originality where we can and have also tested and cleaned the electrics. We have put a brand new set of Fender 10-46 strings on and set up the action and intonation. This guitar now plays very well. It’s an old beast so it’s not perfect, it has character. The action is low but not extremely low, comfortable enough to give the sustain that these guitars are famous for.

It’s a great gigging guitar, bags of sustain and classic Gibson guitar tone. Buy it to play it not sit and admire it.

Shipping Weight15 kg
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