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Gibson SG Special 2016 Faded Traditional Worn Cherry Electric Guitar + Gig Bag


Here we have a mint condition genuine Made in USA Gibson SG Special guitar complete with the original Gibson Gig bag (not pictured but also in excellent condition).

Condition: 9.5/10
Honestly, it’s pretty much mint. Lovely condition and nice attractive wood grain under a satin finish. I genuinely could not spot a single scratch, ding or even and minor marks on this guitar except some extremely minor plectrum scuffs on the scratchplate, but generally speaking this guitar is exception for a USED guitar.

Neck: 9.5/10

Great neck, next to no use on the frets! Highly polished frets. This guitar will go for years. Lovely inlays and nice dark Rosewood


Hardware: 9.5/10 No tarnishing or pitting on the hardware, tuners are in great shape

Electrics: 9/10
Sockets, pots and switches etc are wear and tear items. The electrics on this guitar have been tested and are in excellent working order, but my standard disclaimer is it’s a used guitar and one must expect SOME occasional electrical ‘scratching’ noise, crackling and popping when adjusting pots and switches. In our opinion the electrics on this guitar are in perfect working order in normal play but there’s no guarantee how long they will stay in this condition, but years and years would be a good guess!!


This guitar has been lovingly set up by Jon, one of the UK’s most highly regarded and experienced guitar techs.
That doesn’t mean this guitar is the best playing guitar ever, it just means that he has taken the time to set it up. Adjust the action, intonation etc so that it plays as well as can be expected and stays in tune as good as any guitar of this type does.
We all have differing styles and demands from our instruments. Some of us like fast n low actions for fretboard burning licks, others prefer a high n mightly action for show stopping windmills and downtuned heavy riffing and everything in between. No one set up suits all!
This specific guitar has been set up with a brand new set of D’Addario 10-46 strings, with a fairly low action and plays beautifully across the neck


Gibson Gig Bag

Shipping Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 30 cm
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