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Gibson ES-335

For sale:
Gibson ES-335 guitar with Hiscox ABS moulded guitar case

For more photo’s please visit this item in our ebay store: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333343589163

Genuine vintage 1963 Gibson ES-335
One owner since early 70’s
Excellent Condition
Beautifully figured Birds Eye maple back
Excellent Playability, straight neck, low action.
Original colour.
Original finish.
No neck breaks or re-finish or re-spray.
Besides the excellent condition the most stunning feature of this guitar is the playability. This guitar is by far THE BEST playing 60’s ES-335 we have EVER played. It plays really well, way way better than you’d expect from a 60’s instrument. Nice straight neck, really quite exceptional playability, in our opinion. One of the best you’ll find!

Precis of non original parts:
Bigsby trem has been retro fitted between mid 60’s to early 1970’s
Re-fret in the 80’s, maybe earlier
Bridge pickup is non original but is an old PAF but without a Patent Number.
Nut professionally replaced – original nut supplied in the case.

From the serial number we believe this to have been made around 1963.

More detailed info:
CONDITION – overall 8/10 Excellent

Body: The front is in excellent condition. It’s a 50 year old guitar and has the exact right for type ‘patina’ to the finish. Yes, it has lots of very light surface scratches, polishing swirls, very small dents, tiny tiny nicks etc
The most noteworthy of marks are.. one small chip about 5mm square to the left of thebridge pickup and another small chip just below the left hand ‘F’ hole.

The binding all seems intact and in good condition too.

The rear of the body has a very attractive birds eye maple finish. It’s in just the same condition as the front. It’s a vintage guitar with very very minor signs of wear and tear. A couple of very small chips less than 3mm square.
Light surface scratches etc but no other real damage or buckle rash as such.
As far as we can tell this is the original vintage nitro finish, just in great shape.

There is a small ‘gap’ present of about 8mm long where the neck joins the body. Really don’t think it is any concern. It looks old and doesn’t appear to be getting any worse. Maybe just where the wood has shrunk. Doesn’t look like the neck has been replaced or that this is any damage as such just worth mentioning.
The back of the neck is in excellent condition.
There are a number of very very small light dents that you can feel slightly when you run your hand along it and are visible up close but for it’s age it’s still amazing.
No evidence of any repairs.
Lacquer looks original.
The fingerboard is again in excellent condition. Really doesn’t look over 50 years old. The rosewood is in excellent condition. It has only very minor signs of wear most noticeably around the 5th and 7th frets where the grain is slightly raised. Seen it a thousand times and it’s all part of vintage instrunments.
The inlays are all present and correct and look original.
The frets are believed to be re-fretted a long time ago, either 70’s or maybe 80’s and are in very good condition, with only very minor wear and tear. There really is only very minor signs of use and no fret flat spots to talk of.
Binding looks in good condition and original.
The nut has been replaced and shimmed. What looks like the original nut is in a Gibson packet in the hard case.

Headstock: In excellent condition. The logo is intact and original and no signs of any repairs or touch ups. A few minor little dents and scratches.
Machineheads look original and in excellent condition and in good working order. Maybe a tiny bit stiff in places.

Hardware: At the risk of repeating myself I do have to state that the hardware (bridge and pickup covers) are in amazing condition! Yes, it is tarnished and ageing but way better than expected.
The bridge saddles are believed to be original and in good condition and good working order. Some light signs of tarnish and very very slight rust.
Scratchplate – believed to be original and in good condition. Signs of plectrum scuffs.

The sticker in the F hole confirms the same serial number as the headstock.

Well, again, it’s all in good condition. One must expect some pot scratchyness and the odd crackle but this is really minimal and in the interest of originality one will have to live with a bit of noise every once in a while. When I tested it everything was working fine but yes there was an occassional crackle when turning the volume and tone controls.
The bridge pickup has got “Patent Applied For” written on it and has not been replaced by the last owner so it must be from the late 60’s early 70’s.
Neck pickup is original and has a label on it with “Patent No. 2737842”.

Bigsby: Was professionally fitted sometime between 1963 and when it was purchased in early 70’s. It’s in excellent condition and working exactly as you would expect.

Playability – like all guitars here at Guitar Mania this guitar has been set up by our legendary Jon our in-house tech and we can confirm that the action and intonation has been checked and adjusted. It currently has a pretty low action which is how we like it. However, we will re-string with brand new strings before we dispatch. It’s worth noting though, and I mentioned this at the start, THIS GUITAR IS JUST ABOUT THE BEST PLAYING 60’s ES-335 WE HAVE EVER PLAYED !!!

HARD CASE – this guitar comes with a good quality Hiscox hard case in good condition.

Shipping Weight12 kg
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