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Fender Strings – 60L 12-54 Acoustic guitar strings medium / average light gauge
These strings deliver a rich, warm tone with complex harmonics.
Fender part number: 073-0060-403

Gauges: 012, .016, .024, .032, .042, .053 (thousandths of an inch)

To clarify when I say ‘Medium’ or average I mean the thickness of these strings is about average.

Here’s a brief explanation about string gauges:
10-46 or 10-47 gauge are ‘Extra Light’ string – kind on the fingers but give a lighter, softer, some might ‘tinnier’ more shrill tone.
11-52 or Custom Light – a good balance between light and extra light. For those people wanting slightly lighter than standard strings without compromising too much on the tone.
12-54 or 12-53 Light gauge strings – these are generally what come fitted as standard on most acoustic guitars. They give you a good balance between playability and tone.
13-56 or ‘Medium’ gauge – I don’t like that manufacturers call these ‘Medium’! They are not Medium at all, they are one of the heaviest sets of strings that you can buy! Go for these for maximum tone and volume. Generally favoured by more experienced players.

These Fender 12-54 strings are great for use on just about all full sized / standard scale guitars like Dreadnoughts (Fender CD60, Yamaha F310, Tanglewood TWCR-D etc), Parlour (Fender CP-60s, Tanglewood TWTWR2-PE etc) and Folk guitars (Fender CC-60, Tanglewood TW-DBT-SFCE etc).
Smaller guitars like Martin and Taylor mini and travel guitars often have 12 or 13 gauge strings because they have a shorter scale.
Generally 11 gauge strings are what Guitar Mania use as our preferred choice of string when we service 90% of acoustic guitars, however to keep the same tension and feel of your acoustic then go for these 12 gauge strings.

Not suitable for:
3/4 size classical
nylon strung guitars
electric guitars
semi acoustic guitars (semi acoustic guitars are basically electric guitars usually with two “f” shaped holes either side of a semi hollow body. Think of Chuck Berry, BB King, Noel Gallagher. They are semi solid / semi acoustic – not to be confused with an acoustic guitar with a pickup in known as an electro acoustic guitar. These Fender strings are IDEAL for an electro acoustic guitar, but NOT really suitable for a semi acoustic guitar)

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