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Fender 1974 Jazz Bass in Natural


Here we have a stunning example of a GENUINE 99% original Fender USA Vintage Jazz Bass.
Made in USA
Built c1974 according to the spec but originally I thought it was a 1972 because that’s what the serial number sources dates it at, but because of the three screw neck plate and thumb rest above the strings, it’s 1974.
With a non original HARD CASE of some description just for shipping purposes.

PHOTO’s – for loads more photo’s please view this item in our ebay store here:

We have stripped this guitar down and taken it apart and found the following:
NUT – the bass has been fitted with a brass nut a long time ago. Seems a pretty good job. The string spacing seems slightly offset, just slightly but this isn’t the first time I have seen jazz basses with string spacing like this. It’s a ‘custom nut’.
The strap buttons are mis-matched so at least one of them is probably not original.
The screws holding in the thumb rest are slightly mis-matched and don’t look 100% genuine.
The bottom screw of the metal control plate looks slightly different.
YES FOLKS !! The rest of it is ALL ORIGINAL – wow oh wow !!


This bass is quite a few years old now, vintage in fact, so let’s be reasonable here.
In MY opinion this is in exceptional condition. I will rate it at 8.5 – 9 out of 10 overall.
The bass is old so it is absolutely covered with dents and scratches but generally from a few feet away it really is in excellent condition.
Let’s go over the worst bits:
Body – there is a scuff / graze on the bottom edge by the control plate bottom edge.
A deep scratch / lacquer crack on the rear of the body about 10cm long near the rear neck plate.
Several other smaller dents, dings, blemishes and scratches of lesser note.

Neck – see photos.
The neck probably has never been off this bass until now.
There is some markings in red pen but didn’t really give us any clues. There’s a name in the neck pocket. It all looks absolutely right for type.
The rear of the neck has some dents from being leant against an amp / table etc.
The nut has been replaced and there is some evidence of work / glue etc The brass nut was fitted a long time ago. Seems a pretty good job. The string spacing seems slightly offset, just slightly but this isn’t the first time I have seen jazz basses with string spacing like this. It’s a ‘custom nut’. The photo next to the close up of the nut is one where I have parted the strings to show the condition of the fingerboard.
The frets are worn in places but only minor. Evidence of flattening in places. Might benefit from a fret dress if you are fussy. I wouldn’t bother myself.
The Rosewood fretboard is in great shape. Some signs of ageing but looking pretty good to me.
The headstock is in good shape. Original logo, non tampered with, no breaks.
Machineheads are a bit stiff from lack of use but worked fine when we re-stringed it.
The truss rod was adjusted to straighten the neck and is now at the maximum straightness but is also at the end of it’s adjustment. We didn’t want to overtighten so I would say 45-105 strings is as heavy as this old girl will take at concert pitch.

Electrics – See photo’s. I took the pickups out and they have clearly not been touched 45+ years. The pickup spongey foam stuff was coroded enough for me to not want to touch it. It all looks original to me but I didn’t want to peel off the sponge to expose what is very obviously the original pickups and grounding plate.
The electrics control cavity has a grounding plate which looks untouched. All the pots look original and even the jack socket looks original too.

Hardware and other..
The bridge is in really exceptional condition. All the saddle screws look clean but original. Very little sign of corrosion. The bridge cover is super shiny but does have some small amount of chrome corrosion.
The scratchplate is in excellent shape. What looks like all the original screws in good condition.
The thumb rest is present but the screws don’t look original.
The strap buttons don’t seem to match each other so might not be original.

Playability – this bass has been set up by our in house guitar tech with brand new Fender 45-105 bass strings and is in pretty good playing condition. The action, intonation and truss rod have all been adjusted for our personal taste and optimum playability in ouur opinion. The truss rod has been adjusted to give teh neck a fairly straight angle but won’t go any straighter. Well, we didn’t feel comfortable tightening it any further so 45-105 in standard tuning is as straight as this old girl will go. As presented, this bass has a reasonably low action with the odd rattle here and there as to be expected on a vintage instrument like this.

Summary- this is a peach.
It has years and years of gigging left in it, but would also look beautiful in a cabinet.

Shipping Weight 12 kg