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On ALL orders to mainland
England, Wales & Scottish Lowlands

We Buy Any Guitar !
(or bass)
We may also be interested in your used effects pedal or amplifier.

Please send us an email to: chris@guitar-mania.com and tell us the following info:

Country of Manufacture:
Does it have a hard case or gig bag:

Then we shall aim to be in touch within 24 hours with a price.

This is not a guaranteed cash offer, but a good estimate as to the value that we would pay you for your guitar. Payment will sometimes be via Bank Transfer with 48hrs or cash depending on how much we've been buying that day.

How much can I expect?
As a rough guide to valuation on many instruments (not all)... for example a used guitar that is over a year old that has an equivalent new value of £200 will have a part ex value of around £100 - £120 in average condition. That's the price roughly that we would SELL it for.
To buy a guitar with a view to selling it at £100 - £120 we would want to pay a bit less and try and make a bit of profit. Without boring you about our overheads, and the rising cost of running a business blah blah etc etc then we would be looking at around £50-£60.
This is just one example. Guitars costing a lot more, like a Gibson Les Paul will have a different margin so it's easier just to get in touch.

Usually we will offer you three selling options:

1) Part exchange: I can give you £xxx against any new guitar costing £xxx upwards depending on how much extra you’re looking at spending.
Advantage: you get the highest amount for your guitar, instantly.

2) Commission sale: I can also sell the guitar for you on commission. You tell us the amount that you would like to end up with in your hand (net price) and we stick it up for sale for more than that and take our commission when it sells. We’ll try and get you more than your minimum reserve price. I would advise that £xxx would be a reasonable reserve.
Advantage: you get a high “cash” price, it may sell in a few days.
Disadvantage: There is no guarantee that it will sell, it may take several weeks to sell.

3) As a straight cash purchase: - you bring us the guitar and I give you £xxx
Disadvantage: it’s a lower value you’ll get compared to option 1 or 2.
Advantage: you get the money straight away without having to take photo’s and advertise on eBay / Gum Tree, have people come around your house for a nose, waste your time with dumb-ass questions, haggling etc